I’ll go ahead and admit that I’m bad at blogging.

And… completing sewing projects.

I had started the Sewing School Skirt from Brett Bara’s book (the one on the cover) back in August and ran into a snag with the measurements. I worked on rearranging pleats, and remeasured, and googled my heart out trying to figure it out what I did wrong. I ended up getting frustrated with what seemed like an easy learning project and just walked away from it. Then work happened, and postseason baseball! and weather nice enough to enjoy being outside without wanting to die, and I forgot about the skirt. Though, mega kudos to Susan who solved the problem with the measurements! And hopefully I can get this thing finished and figure out how to do button holes. It can’t be that hard, right? …RIGHT? (Still worried this is going to be a disaster with a wonky machine).

I did, however, finish my first Sorbetto top by Colette Patterns. This is such a quick and cute top to make, and the options to customize are practically endless. I did it by the book the first time using a Moda clock pattern cotton and contrasting gray trim (apologies for the phone picture).










I have plans for a few more using a gingam print, and a fun print with bicycles. The great thing about this top is the amount of fabric it takes to make one, and that I can experiment with sleeves and matching prints.

I am so in love with Colette Patterns, and am very much anticipating their book coming out next month and being able to sew more from their catalog. I have a hankering for the Macaron dress, and a Pendrell Blouse (not from Colette, but a nice shape). Hopefully one day soon.

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